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Name:Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes Fan Works
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Fanworks & Discussion of Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes
What You Should Post Here: If you’ve made words, fictional or nonfictional, images of any kind, or vids relating to Life on Mars and/or Ashes to Ashes, share them with us! Stories, meta, episode reviews, picspams, fanart, and anything in a similar vein are all welcome.

The Rules:

1) Please join the community in order to post. Anyone may comment on works, but we would prefer you to be a member before you post.

2) Please post all works under a cut. This includes stories, artwork, and meta/commentary. This should go without saying, but if there is NSFW content in your post, that must go under a cut.

3) When posting a story, please have this header (or a similar variation) outside your cut, and all story text underneath the cut. If you do not know how to do an lj-cut, one of the mods will gladly show you.

Fandom & Pairing
Author’s Notes: (optional)

4) If your post includes any of the following categories, then you must have a field in your header listing them:
- Extreme violence and/or murder
- Rape/dub-con
- Suicide
- Bloodplay
- Gunplay
- Underage sexual content (16)
- Incest

You may use the gray-out html demonstrated below if you want to give readers the choice of whether or not to read the warnings.

From [personal profile] amadi’s post on content:

5) Please tag your post with whatever data applies. The community's tags are here. If you have a new type of fanwork that hasn't been tagged, or a pairing that doesn't have a tag yet, please put a note in your post and we'll add the tag for you.

6) We have a spoiler policy we ask that you abide by. While all of LOM and A2A has aired in the UK, and some other viewers have seen it, it has not officially aired in other parts of the world. Please cut for finale spoilers for BOTH shows, and anything involving season 3 of A2A. Example: Jim Keats joining the cast in Season 3 is not a spoiler, it's been all over the publicity for the show. Jim Keats being a ballet dancer and defeating Chris in a dance-off in episode 5 would be a spoiler.

7) Keep the negativity and wank to a minimum, please. If you have a problem with a community member or post, take it to one of the mods and we will happily deal with it. Constructive criticism of someone's fanwork is welcome; flames and other rudeness are not. You will be banned - consider this your one and only warning.
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